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OAKLEY X-METAL COLLECTION sunglasses ROMEO 2 limited release!

OAKLEY's premium sunglasses X-Metal series, which did not follow any other eyewear at the time, using metallurgy technology beyond conventional frameworks. The ROMEO2 which adopted the semi-rimless structure only in the X-METAL series boasted great popularity. It was a disused product and a model that represented Oakley in the 2000s. This ROMEO2 is a re-appearance to Kineido after 10 years! We have kept it in this 10 pension Eiido for a long time, but we will sell ROMEO2 which can be said to be this vision specially this time! The stylish frame line and the solid style of lens style create a sharp silhouette that makes the individuality of the product more distinctive. It is a book that embodies the OAKLEY brand, focusing on innovative design and technology. If you miss this opportunity, you may never get it again. Please get this ROMEO2 which can be said to be the essence of OAKLEY!


SERENGETI 2019'new folding system equipped sports sunglasses VERNAZZA released!

Pioneering Glass Technology Starting with Corning's over 100 years of technical research and accumulation, it has continued to innovate, and finally in 1985 the eyewear brand Serengeti was born. Serengeti received the Grand Prix in the lens category of the largest eyewear exhibition "Silmo" in Europe and the title of "the world's highest peak." And without being satisfied with Serengeti's position, we continue to challenge and innovate in search of further "excellent". From this Serengeti, a new sports sunglasses · VERNAZZA that adopts a mechanism called folding has been announced and received! This VERNAZZA can be stored compactly while establishing safety as sports sunglasses, and is a model that plays an active role in outdoor and mountain climbing. In addition, the lens is equipped with a NXT polarized light control lens, which is proud of Serengeti. In addition to providing a clear and clear view that can not be achieved with ordinary sunglasses lenses under any circumstances, it protects the eyes with certainty. In addition to comfort, safety and lightness, the new system-equipped sport sunglasses VERNAZZA from Serengeti, which offer new value of portability, are fully featured! Thank you very much!

>>SERENGETI sunglasses VERNAZZA 8789

TALEX polarized lens 2019' limited mirror, pink mirror coat lens sale start!
"Pink 2019". This is the limited mirror coated lens of TALEX polarized lens that will meet its 4th year. This limited mirror lens is a gradation mirror based on pink. Not only active sports, but with elegant colors that can be used for light sports such as running, this year we have prepared luxury pink with various coordination and familiarity. This allows you to enjoy fashion full of originality. From the front, it looks almost pink, and depending on the angle it looks like it changes to gold like a gradation. Compatibility with the sports frame is, of course, also recommended for everyday use. It is a coating that both men and women can enjoy. Base color is popular "True View" "True View Focus". The lens color which becomes the base of PK mirror coating chose 2 colors of the most popular “TRUE VIEW” and “TRUE VIEW FOCUS” even with TALEX lens. These two colors of natural view that does not impair the goodness of the mirror, you can now choose the depth according to your attention. The limited mirror coat pink mirror coat polarized lens that sends to this regal that TALEX became the new era. The appearance and appearance of this lens colors you. Thank you very much!

>> official blog (TALEX limited pink mirror coat)

>>TALEX polarized lens

999'9 FourNines 2019'spring collection "This is Fourr Nines" latest mix frame M-28 arrival!
"This is Four Nines" For everyone who needs glasses. To deliver comfortable glasses. Origin of creation of Four Nines. Realistic functions, quality, and design created from the concept of "glasses are tools". Provide all the elements required for glasses in high dimensions. That is the ideal glasses that Four Nines aims for. Reverse R-hinge born in the process of seeking for the ideal. It is an indispensable part in talking about Four Nines, it is a symbol of the creation of things, and one and only existence. "NEW COLLECTION 2019 SPRING" pursues the function and design with the highest purity quality, starting from the reverse R hinge in all of the various frame variations. True, it has been finished in the latest collection that can be said "This is Four Nines". The latest mix frame M-28 of this 2019 four nines new collection is finally appeared in Kimeido! This M-28 is the plastic blow style of Four Nines that has been inherited from M-01. While combining a soft impression of plastic blow and highly textured metal and two different materials in high dimensions, it is finished in a mixed frame with sophisticated quality. We express plastic blow which can be called royal road of four nines with flat square style. It is also easy to apply to the business scene, and the presence of the reverse R hinge is also highlighted. It is a series that embodies the attractiveness of creating Four Nines, which can be called "This is Four Nines." Thank you for your new mix frame M-28, which Four Nines sends out in the spring of 2019!

>>999'9 FourNines Frame M-28 Col.9002

999'9 FourNines 2019' spring collection "This is Fourr Nines" latest neo plastic frame NPM-200 arrival!

For everyone who needs glasses. To deliver comfortable glasses. Origin of creation of Four Nines. The glasses frames of 2019 new collection "This is Four Nines" created from the concept of "glasses are tools". Among them, the "NPM-200 series" which expresses various combination styles based on the reverse R temple is appearing in Kineido with full satisfaction in May 2019! It is a feeling of comfort that pursues a sense of enveloping. A flexible structure that eliminates the load on the front when wearing glasses. And four front designs. It is the frame balance that can be said to be absolute that created these quality values, and the reverse R temple is at the heart of it. The best parts make the best frame balance and produce the best glasses. The two front styles, which are easy to use by many people at home and abroad, have an absolute frame balance, so the freedom of design can be expanded. Whether at home or abroad, with the aim of a style that is easy to use for many people, the front is developed with a variety of four front variations combining the square-based 2 type and the Wellington-based 2 type. This square-based NPM-200 has arrived! Inverted R The temple holds an outstanding sense of hold in pursuit of a unique sense of the head and provides a soft sense of taste. The synergy between the flexible environment created by the interlocking of the reverse R parts and the temples and the design of the temple joint facing the front hinge side eliminates the load on the plastic front when hung. Four Nines sends out in 2019, New Neo plastic frame NPM-200 that embodies new expression and ease of use!

>>999'9 FourNines Frame NPM-200 Col.5202

>>999'9 FourNines Frame NPM-200 Col.9002

GROOVER MULLER & BROS series 2019 latest acetate glasses frame M & B-4 arrival!

GROOVER's MULLER & BROS Series 2019 New Model M & B-4 is in stock! GROOVER has established its own factory G YARD in Kanto. This M & B-4 is the latest acetate frame of pure Japanese made and GROOVER manufactured by the factory production. This M & B-4 produces a new look different from the conventional M & B series. It looks like a strong eyebrows, but it is finished in a model that suits the face when it is hung. This M & B is made in Japan carefully finished by the people of the glasses craftsmen, and it is finished in a gentle impression style in a rounded form unique to handwork. In recent years, the classic boom that has sampled vintage glasses as it is has prevailed, but GROOVER always reflects the present mood and mood on products, and is a brand with a new proposal for design. Why don't you try GROOVER, which is used by style masters from all over the world. GROOVER send 2019 new acetate frame M & B-4 thank you!

>>GROOVER M&B-4 Col.1

>>GROOVER M&B-4 Col.2

2019.5.12 supports Japanese professional baseball batting coach Kenta Kurihara!
Kenta Kurihara from Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, who is currently active as a batting coach in professional baseball. The Kurihara coach who has never known the activity of the active duty age is a person who is more familiar with the game of baseball than anyone. There are severe external factors such as strong ultraviolet rays, glare from the ground, direct sunlight glare, and prevention of sand dust on the characteristics of the game of baseball. In order to show the best performance in games and productions, wearing sunglasses is a must-have gear for everyday training as well. Kurihara coach who has been using sunglasses for active duty years, but in order to surely protect eyes under various circumstances in future activities, and spread of correct sunglasses, further activity of children and players This time, we will support Kenji Kurihara, a professional baseball coach at I have felt that need is because I have been paid for such excellent achievements during the active service period, and will work together to protect the eyes of players and children and improve performance with coach Kurihara in the future!

>> supports Japanese professional baseball batting coach Kenta Kurihara

OAKLEY 2019'Spring Collection Sheet Metal New Titanium Alloy Opthalmic Frame TIE BAR Released!

From OAKLEY opthalmic frame, new model TIE BAR degree correspondence model with titanium sheet metal is released as 2019 spring collection! Featuring a new integrated LATCH unique gimmick, and a number of new features such as titanium nose pads and integrated balancers, this tie bar offers a new look and a comfortable ride. The sheet metal construction makes it lighter than it looks, and above all, it should be a new latch hinge. This latch hinge incorporates not only the hooking structure but also the spring and gently holds it on your face. And together with the arrival of this new opsalmic frame TIE BAR, JAWBREAKER, RADAR EV and EVZERO PATH, which have been finished with a special color as a Tool de France collection, also appear this year! In addition, RADAR EV equipped with a new category lens PRIZM Trail Torch specializing in trails is also available! And the new sports performance sunglasses RADAR EV ADVANCER from OAKLEY, which we introduced the other day, also received the Sky, which had not been received! All variations of this RADAR EV ADVANCER are now visible! There are a large number of OAKLEY eyewear developed with an increasingly wide and rich content, so please check it out!

>>OAKLEY Opthalmic Frame TIE BAR

>>OAKLEY Sports Sunglasses RADAR EV Tour de France Collection

>>OAKLEY Sports Sunglasses EVZERO PATH Tour de France Collection


999'9 (Four Nines) 2019 spring collection "This is Fourr Nines" The latest children's metal frame C-22T · C-23T in stock for children!

999'9 (Four Nines) 2019 spring collection. Following the Children's Children's Frame CNPM-10 series of this collection we introduced yesterday, a new children's metal frame C-22T for children has also arrived! This time we have received the C-22T Series Square Shape C-22T and Boston Shape C-23T! For everyone who needs glasses. To deliver comfortable glasses. Realistic functions, quality, and design created from the concept of creating glasses of Four Nines "glasses are tools". Provide all the elements required for glasses in high dimensions. That is the ideal glasses for Four Nines. And reverse R hinge that was born in the process of seeking the ideal. It is an indispensable part in talking about Four Nines, it is a symbol of the creation of things, and one and only existence. And of course the reverse R hinge is also mounted on this children frame, and the function and design are pursuing the highest purity quality together. Four nines quality that does not change with children as adults. The C-22T series of "Four Nines for children", which was born based on this concept, is a frame that can be used in tough environments for healthy children. By making full use of the functionality and quality accumulated so far, the frame is finished to be comfortable for children. Glasses that children can wear safely during their growth process, always establish the correct position, glasses that provide comfort for children. The latest children's frame C-22T series equipped with this reverse R hinge is what made it possible. There are also very cute colors and cool color variations to support your child's growth and activities!

>>999'9(Four Nines)Frames C-22T Col.4

>>999'9(Four Nines)Frames C-22T Col.7

>>999'9(Four Nines)Frames C-23T Col.5

999'9 (Four Nines) 2019 spring collection "This is Four Nines" The latest children's neo plastic frame CNPM-11 in stock for children!

For everyone who needs glasses. To deliver comfortable glasses. Finally, the arrival of the new 999'9 (Four Nines) 2019 spring has begun! Realistic functions, quality, and design created from the concept of creating glasses of Four Nines "glasses are tools". Provide all the elements required for glasses in high dimensions. That is the ideal glasses for Four Nines. And reverse R hinge that was born in the process of seeking the ideal. It is an indispensable part in talking about Four Nines, it is a symbol of the creation of things, and one and only existence. "NEW COLLECTION 2019 SPRING" pursues the function and design with the highest purity quality, starting from the reverse R hinge in all of the various frame variations. True, it has been finished in the latest collection that can be said "This is Four Nines". The Four Nines will continue to be the standard for "good glasses" because it is based on the quality value that has been accumulated for many years. And we aim for further heights. The eyewear we introduce to the beginning of this "This is Four Nines" collection will introduce you to the latest neo plastic frame CNPM-11 of Chidren frames for children, which is also a children's day! Four nines quality that does not change with children as adults. The "CNPM-10 series" of the combination of plastic and metal which adopted reverse R hinge from "Four Nines for children" born on the basis of this concept is announced in the spring of 2019, and this CNPM-11 is in stock in Kimeido ahead of time! When looking at anyone who needs old and young people and glasses, Four Nines thinks that children's glasses require the toughest usage environment. By making full use of the functionality and quality accumulated so far, the frame is finished to be comfortable for children. As well as being sized for children, it has features that allow small children to be used safely and correctly, taking into consideration how it is used. The latest children's children frame CNPM-11, designed and created by Four Nines for the eyes of important children, please!

>>999'9(Four Nines)Frames CNPM-11 Col.5007

>>999'9(Four Nines)Frames CNPM-11 Col.5417

TALEX collaboration sunglasses OZNIS FLAT 04 Girls collection second edition limited model stock!
Pretty but cool. Greedy women's sunglasses. FLAT limited color pink demi of TALEX collaboration sunglasses OZNIS polarized sunglasses announced in the fall of 2018. For this Pink Demi Collection, the limited color half pink Demi of FLAT 04 that the stock was awaited is a long-awaited arrival! Originally it was the voice that wanted the sunglasses of the woman's ideal to be the cause that made this limited color. In order to realize that, TALEXGIRL 8 people have been "making sunglasses for women by women". And the first TALEX GIRL limited model debuts in June 2017. We received a great response and popularity as a sunglasses that satisfies the female mind, filled with the unique ideals of women, and 100 limited products were sold out immediately. Then about a year and a half, the long-awaited "sunglasses for women" is the second installment! Thank you for your interest in the OZNIS FLAT 04 Girls Collection Limited Model, which offers new appeal and a new look to all women!

>> OZNIS polarized sunglasses

>>OZNIS FLAT 04 Girls Collection 2nd edition limited model ( official blog)

Julbo side hooded sunglasses for outdoor climbing, CHAM released!
Long-established sunglasses for mountain climbing · outdoor · Julbo. This Julbo sunglasses are sunglasses co-developed with the French ENSA. And Julbo has released alpin sunglasses classics such as Mont Blanc Noa and Mont Blanc Nickel, and has been loved by many alpinists and outdoor workers. The new model CHAM of the Alpine series has a new lineup and has been in stock in Kimeido! This CHAM is a mountaineering sunglasses with excellent fit, and it is a revolutionary sunglasses that leads to further performance improvement while inheriting the image and functions of the previous Montblanc series. Front / side hood can be removed. Lens lineup is also equipped with a category 4 lens equipped model that also corresponds to snowy mountains and high mountains. People who enjoy mountain climbing and outdoor fun, those who are challenged by snowy mountains and high mountains, suit all scenes, Julbo's latest sunglasses that deliver a clear eye protection and clear vision. That's this CHAM!

>> Julbo sunglasses CHAM

Professional soccer players: Montedio Yamagata · Shuhei Otsuki KINEIDOU co.,ltd. support!
Mr. Shuhei Otsuki, who is from Kyoto Prefecture and currently active as a professional soccer player. For the further activity of Shuhei Otsuki, who has been a great success, we will protect eyes from everyday with KINEIDOU co., Ltd in the form of support in the future! It will lead to the best play in the game and play by taking measures such as ultraviolet light measures and glare measures from everyday to have you show the best performance in the game. There is no need to wear it directly in play, but the more first-class you have, the more care you need from your everyday life. This time Otsuki players will have OAKLEY's new lifestyle sunglasses FROGINS IN MIX Asia Fit. The Froksins Mix Asia Fit is a new style that combines ultra-lightweight, durable, comfortable Omate fronts and different materials combined with stainless steel stems. The lens is made of Plutonite, which protects UVA, UVB and UVC UV rays and harmful blue light 100%, and protects your important eyes firmly. In addition to certain eye protection, Otsuki will support Otsuki's success with this FROGINS IN MIX that will create the new appeal of Otsuki. Shuhei Otsuki, who has been able to pay very good results so far and is expected to be more active in the future. In the future, we will support Shohei Ogura with full strength at KINEIDOU co., Ltd!

>>KINEIDOU/ SPORTSEYES Support player: Shuhei Otsuki

OAKLEY 2019 Spring Collection New Ladies Opthalmic Glasses Frame TOPKNOT new appearance!
With a trendy feeling of effortless style OAKLEY 2019 new model TOP KNOT has arrived! This TOPNOT adds a modern twist to a classic cat's eye and matches the style of gorgeous cocktail dresses to yoga pants to T-shirts. It is an eyewear that can be worn all day comfortably with a combination of nose pads that are resistant to misalignment and designed to the life of today's women. The latest eyewear of OAKLEY colors you in various situations while incorporating the trend. Thank you for your new opsalmic frame new model TOPKNOT that OAKLEY gives to all women!

>>OAKLEY Opthalmic Frame TOPKNOT

OAKLEY 2019 Spring Collection new opthalmic glasses frame METALINK released!
In the spring of 2019, combination opsalmic frame METALINK made with OAKLEY's original material is a new appearance in KINEIDOU.,ltd! The METALINK uses a lightweight NanO-Matter on the front, stainless steel on the stem, and an Unobtanium nose pad and ear socks. While the frame is lightweight and strong against misalignment, the nose pad uses an interchangeable system to achieve a customized feeling of comfort according to your appearance. While dealing with various scenes in a standard square shape, it also creates a sense of casual Oakley. The technology that OAKLEY has cultivated up to now has been condensed into this one. Lightness, comfort, fit, which one is the best finished in one book. New opthalmic glasses frame METALINK which OAKLEY sends out with fullness. Please try it!

>>OAKLEY Opthalmic Frame METALINK

OAKLEY 2019 spring new opthalmic glasses frame ALIAS released!
OAKLEY 2019 spring new opthalmic frame stock has begun! The first thing I will introduce is OAKLEY ALIAS! You can do anything anywhere with OAKLEY ALIAS. This ALIAS adopts a large soft square silhouette regardless of race or nationality. A comfortable and lightweight frame that makes you feel good and is an integral part of the daily life of an active woman. Thank you in advance for OAKLEY's new opthalmic frame ALIAS, which incorporates the current trend but is not the same as any other, with a new appeal and look, and a comfortable ride and value!

>>OAKLEY Opthalmic Frame ALIAS

OAKLEY New PRIZM sunglasses & 2019 'Tour de France collection / Metallic Splatter collection stock!

In OAKLEY, in the spring of 2019, eyewear equipped with New Lens / PRIZM Road Black of original lens technology PRIZM collection, PRIZM Trail torch, and PRIZM Rose Gold lens is released! PRIZM Road Black provides a clear view with reduced light scattering in sunny environments. PRIZM Trail Torch provides more contrast than conventional trail lenses, and provides a sharper view of sharp rock formations on trails such as the desert under the scorching sun. And the Tour de France Collection sunglasses will appear in 2019! JAWBREKAER, which receives high support from road racers, is selected for this prestigious Tour de France collection this year, and is released with a special color only this year. At the same time, the limited collection METALLIC SPLATTER collection, which expresses Oakley's history with metallic hand paint, also debuts at JAWBREAKER, RADAR EV and M2 FRAME XL. In addition, new colors of sports sunglasses RADAR EV XS for youths and small faces, female athletes are also available! In addition, FLAK 2.0 Asia Fit and GASCAN of New Collection RaceWorn Collection inspired by worn-out vintage look are released simultaneously! Add accents with color highlights to further highlight your presence! OAKLEY 2019 new color sunglasses & new collection will be developed with a wider and more substantial content, and create your new charm and possibilities!



>>OAKLEY Sunglasses RADAR EV

>>OAKLEY Sunglasses M2 Frame XL


>>OAKLEY Sunglasses FLAK2.0

>>OAKLEY Sunglasses GASCAN

OAKLEY Ultralight Sports Sunglasses EVZERO Series New Face EVZERO BLADES in stock!
OAKLEY's lightweight sport performance EVZEROBLADES, inspired by streetwear culture and global influencers, debuts in 2019! This EVZERO series latest model BLADES matches the trend of fashion and sports performance MIX. The temple design of EVZERO was combined with the lens shape of RAZORBLADES, which is a representative of OAKLEY. Not only is this achieved lightness, but also in fashion avant-garde design creates a different attraction from other models. This model, which combines the technology developed so far and this unique lens shape, is a fusion of fashion and technology. Please try EVZERO series new face EVZERO BLADES newly developed by OAKLEY in the spring of 2019!


OAKLEY ultra-lightweight sports sunglasses EVZERO series new model EVZERO ASCEND in stock!
A new model EVZERO ASCEND for female athletes has been announced to OAKLEY's lightest sports sunglasses EVZERO series, and the arrival has finally begun! The EVZERO ASCEND combines lightweight, comfortable functionality with design, and is an item that active women can wear in any situation without sacrificing either style or function. The great features of the EVZERO remain, and the EVZERO's shield design is updated with a more feminine lens shape. OAKLEY's new lightweight sport performance sunglasses EVZERO ASCEND for female athletes!


OAKLEY 2019 new technology equipped sports sunglasses RADAR EV ADVANCER in stock!
The long-awaited new sports performance sunglasses RADAR EV ADVANCER released from OAKLEY in the spring of 2019, before the long holidays. The new RADAREV ADVANCER is a new technology model that takes the performance innovation of the traditional RADAR EV, which many sports athletes love, to the next level. The large lens shape and OAKLEYADVANCER TECHNOLOGY, which are new designs of RADAR EV ADVANCER, suppress heat buildup and suppress cloudiness even in tough environments. This RADAR EV ADVANCER is designed to help athletes move seamlessly and confidently without any oversight. 2019 new sports performance sunglasses RADAR EV ADVANCER which put all the OAKLEY technologies cultivated so far. It is finally released!


OAKLEY sunglasses FROGSKINS LITE custom eyewear program start that can be ordered in any combination!
Frogskins released by OAKLEY in 1985. A model that has become popular with Oakley, who gained popularity with surfers, skaters and musicians at the time due to its style and functionality, and has a strong popularity with many people even after being reprinted. OAKLEYFROGSKINS LITE which adopted this semi-rimless structure of FROGSKINS is finished in the model which directs a new expression while inheriting the design of the conventional FROGSKINS. As with FROGSKINS, the stem is accented with the reprint edition FactoryPilot logo, and it is made of an ultra-lightweight, durable, and comfortable O Matter frame material. The lens is made of Plutonite, which protects UVA, UVB, UVC UV rays and harmful blue light 100%, and protects your important eyes firmly. Although it is a classic taste, it creates a new look and this FROGKINS LITE has been well received by many users. OAKLEY's new life style sunglasses FROGSKINS LITE's frame color, lens color can be freely combined, and the Oakley custom eyewear O.C.E program that you can make your own frog skin light is spring 2019 start!

>>OAKLEY Custom Eyewear Program Sunglasses FROGSKINS LITE

OAKLEY Active lifestyle new sunglasses DOUBLE EDGE in stock!
OAKLEY's new active lifestyle sunglasses DOUBLE EDGE has arrived! This double edge is a model that achieves a large, wide field of view with a cylinder lens that is unmatched in any other way. The frame uses Oakley's original lightweight material Omatter, and the nose pad made of Unobtainium prevents misalignment. In addition, it fits your face in a three-point fit, making your active lifestyle more comfortable and enjoyable. And special DOUBLE EDGE finished with special color as PRIZMATIC collection. This style highlights the eyewear's presence with an original pattern inspired by the flow of raging air. The Oakley Prizmatic collection uses an unparalleled Prizm lens designed to make your viewing more enjoyable and enjoyable, making it both fun to watch and see. OAKLEY is sending out a new active lifestyle sunglasses DOUBLE EDGE sent out in spring 2019!


OAKLEY×FERRARI collaboration premium sunglasses CARBON BLADE restocked!
OAKLEY Carbon Blade, a new benchmark for premium eyewear, is an art object resembling an F1 machine created from ultra-lightweight titanium and carbon fiber. Specifications that HDOPolarized lenses are the standard in industrial design where art and science are fused are just proof of premium eyewear. An obtanium stem pad made of semi-rimless frame and smooth and arc-shaped lens carved out of a single piece of trick shield lens, the best material, artistic craftsmanship and complete design in world-class technology It is an eyewear fused with Then, in 1929, FERRARI is the predecessor of Scuderia Ferrari, established by Enzo Ferrari and his friends as a semi-works racing team of Alfa Romeo. Ferrari's strong position in high-performance commercial vehicles, especially in Europe and North America, is highly praised for its improved brand image and high performance and beauty of design due to its success in races including F1 2014 I made a hand with OAKLEY. The collaboration special edition of OAKLEY x FERRARI, which uses the best materials freely and combines art-like design with world-class technology, is no exaggeration to say that it is a masterpiece of supreme. After the disapproval of the number, I received many inquiries from OAKLEY and Ferrari's collaboration premium sunglasses CARBONBLADE, but after a five-year time in the spring of 2019, only a few are re-visited to Kineido We have arrived! If you miss this opportunity, it may not be the next time that you have the best sunglasses, the best materials and the best techniques. That's a very rare and premium sunglasses. OAKLEY x Ferrari special collaboration sunglasses CARBONBLADE is resale!

>>OAKLEY×Ferrari Sunglasses CARBON BLADE

OAKLEY Sunglasses X-METAL Collection MADMAN Asia Fit Restock!
With a focus on design and function, OAKLEY has been developing technology that always beats the common sense of the industry, and releases the next-generation X-Metal series Madman Asia Fit to a limited number of dealers before and forms its unique worldview It was very well received for its excellent design and excellent comfort. A comfortable and flexible fit is achieved by combining light and elastic cast aluminum with durable OMatter. Madman, a masterpiece of industrial design that is also the essence of Oakley Design, expresses a challenging style with a profound and innovative design. It was a model that was abandoned but it was a very small number in the spring of 2019, but this Madman Asia Fit is back in stock at Kineido! It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the leading production technologies and designs in the industry in the field of metal frames, and OAKLEY's X-METAL has returned! The color will be Pewter / MatteBlack / BlackIridiumPolarized. If you miss this opportunity, you may not get it anymore. It is so rare, it is a gem that you can feel OAKLEY of that time!


OAKLEY new combination lifestyle sunglasses FROGSKINS MIX Asia fit arrival!
OAKLEY's new lifestyle sunglasses FROGKINS MIX ASIA FIT is the spring of 2019! This FROGSKINS IN MIX has been created with a fresh approach to Oakley Brand's most iconic lifestyle sunglasses FROGSKINS INS. This new FROGSKINS IN MIX with not only design but also newly improved performance function. This model, like the other FROGSKINS series, offers a new style combining ultra-lightweight, durable, comfortable O-Matter front and stainless steel stems combined with different materials. Although made of stainless steel, the stem is accented with the reprint edition FactoryPilot logo, which creates a new expression without breaking the image of FROGSKINS. The lens is made of Plutonite, which protects UVA, UVB and UVC UV rays and 100% of harmful blue light, protecting the important eyes firmly. The non-slip Unobtanium ear socks at the temple end provide a comfortable, long-lasting ride. OAKLEY will send popular model FROGSKINS series latest combination model FROGSKINSMIX ASIA FIT which spring 2019 sends out!


999'9 new collection "I will go beyond imagination" metal frame new model S-685T arrival!
999'9 new collection "I will go beyond imagination". This collection condenses the functions of past nines, further evolves it, and creates new value. The new metal frame S-685T for this "I will go beyond imagination" has arrived! This "S-685T", which is a series of S-686T introduced earlier, is a basic style with a metal front and plastic temples that anyone regardless of age or gender can feel free to hang. The front of the simple expression, the bridge, and the three-dimensional metal parts from Ji to Temple have sublimed into a design that feels the height of refined quality. We are pursuing the height of texture and functionality as a style that can be hung with a long attachment. Pursuing a comfortable ride, temples adopt elastic β titanium. A flexible environment is realized in the temple by setting the thinnest part to 0.7 mm with a press. Furthermore, by setting the thinnest point on the front side as much as possible, the reverse warp of the temple is suppressed and the shape that wraps the head is also kept. Along with functionality, we are looking for a comfortable hold. We also adopt a bridge mechanism that brings a stable front environment and metal parts with a high quality of texture everywhere. High technology is required only because it is simple, and we would like to ask for your new metal frame S-685T series of Four Nines, which has successfully embodied it!

>>999'9 FourNines Frames S-685T Col.2